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SAH Mompreneur- What its REALLY Like!

Unless you are a stay at home mom or have stayed at home at some point with children, you won’t truly know how much work it actually is. Being a stay at home mom is a job in itself, there are housework errands, and of course the kids! Add in entrepreneurship and your really talking about having your hands full.I work at home, am a stay at home mom, and entrepreneur. I will be completely honest.. it’s hard work! But it is possible! Often times, when I tell people that I work at home and stay at home with my son I am met with comments like “oh, must be nice” or “you get to work whenever you want”. I am here to tell you that it is not as easy as it may seem.

Yes, I get to work from home but I still have to WORK. And running a business is still RUNNING a BUSINESS, no matter the location.

This article will clear up some of the common misconceptions about being a SAH Mompreneur that others or even yourself may have. If you are a stay at home mom and you are thinking about starting a blog or business then please take some of this into consideration. We work just as hard (if not harder) as other entrepreneurs and career holders. It takes a great deal of discipline, focus, and dedication to get it all done.

It is true that I get to create my own schedule but that does not mean that I get to work whenever I want. It’s still a schedule and I have to stick to it, no matter what. It is a huge blessing that I get to make my own schedule for work. However, with great blessings comes great responsibility. It takes a lot of discipline to work out of the home. If your WAH position gives you the availability to create your own schedule then you need to make one and stick to it. Working at home can get lonely and you need to be able to self-motivate which can be difficult at times. In order to keep myself going, I play soft music in the background, I’ll get up and stretch, or do easy workouts at my desk.

I don’t get to work on my business or blog whenever I want too. Time management is super essential when you are a SAH Mompreneur. I plan out my day by the hour and even by the half hour. This helps me to maximize the 24 hours that we all have when we wake up in the morning. I plan out my day the night before, and try to remain on schedule. You will find that you do have time to work, take care of your kid(s), and work on your blog, business or both! Now I am not perfect with sticking to the schedule myself (kinda hard to be when you have a 2 year old lol) but being diligent in planning it out has helped me remain focused so that I can meet goals and deadlines.

You can’t do it all by yourself. This is personally something that I struggle with being a single stay at home mom. Since it is just me taking care of the household, errands, work, and my son, it can, I’ve gotten used to handling it all. But no one can do that, not even a single parent. Recently I hired a babysitter to come to the home and help take care of my son while I work. It has been a week and it has already been a tremendous help. And I only have her 4 hours a day, 3 days a week! Seek the help of your significant other, family members, friends, or hire a sitter or nanny, to help take care of your child and/ or household, while you focus on work, business, or even yourself! Its okay to ask for help we ALL need it.

SAH mompreneurs may not have a long commute or are bound by a cubicle but we work hard nonetheless. Just because you spend most of the day at home doesn’t mean you’re relaxing. There are still duties to be done, things to take care of, and responsibilities to handle, especially if you are working toward being successful.

What are some misconceptions that you may have or may have heard about SAH Mompreneurs? What tips do you find to be helpful? I’m curious to know! Thank you for reading.

Peace and positive vibes!

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