To every Wonder Woman

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the lovely mothers out there! It is currently 2:20 am on this special day and I can’t sleep. Ironically, the day I should stay in bed until 10 am I am up, wide-eyed, and full of creative juices :). I am grateful for many things on this day. I am grateful for my mother, for my son, and for the opportunity God has given me to be a mother.

I understand that it is easy to go day to day without really stopping to think about what we’re actually doing. And we do SO much!Not only do we have to take care of ourselves, but of our kid(s) as well– and that’s a tall order when you add in work, social life, school, marriage, dating, personal time, housework, running a business.. I mean the list goes on and on.

I love the character Wonder Woman. She is strong and resilient. I think that every mother is a wonder woman in her own essence. And just like Wonder Woman, we mothers have endless battles to face. From fighting with our toddlers to fighting inner demons that may say things like “you could do better” or “you’re letting yourself go”. When we miss an assignment, forget something important on our to-do lists, or when our little ones act out, just remember that those moments don’t define us.

If you haven’t already heard this just know:

You are beautiful,











there is no end to your list of attributes.

You are doing the best that you can, and yes it is good enough! The proof is in your child’s eyes, their smile, their laugh.

The world would stop on its axis without you. You are the life energy of this Universe.

You are appreciated, beyond measure.

So again, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mother’s. Young and old, here and gone, biological, by marriage, adopted, and to the mother’s who’ve experienced a loss — you matter more than words could ever say! Thank you.

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