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May Goals

Hey loves!

So we’re at the end of May and I have mixed feelings about my performance this month.

I’ve had a lot of changes since the end of April that threw me for a loop. I am grateful for the new editions and challenges that life has given me.

With all of these new changes, I haven’t been performing on my blog and social media goals as well as I had hoped for this month. Although my effort was ‘mediocre’, I uploaded blog posts twice weekly and started implementing more automation process. But hey I made it to the end! Lol.

My nutrition habits weren’t the best this month. I did a lot of processed and fast food because of how busy I’ve been. Towards the end of the month I kicked it into gear and started eating cleaner.

Spiritually, I have been feeling distant. I haven’t been reading or praying as much and I can feel the difference. I still listen to sermons and have been reading daily scripture on my bible app. Lately, I’ve been making it a point to get closer to God.

I might not have done everything that I wanted but I am grateful for the ability I had to meet some of my goals. I grew my twitter account to over 400 followers and while that’s not much, I gained over 100 followers in a month!

I was started my first paid writing gig through Wonder this month and I absolutely love being a sourcer! It is a very challenging position and it pushes me to think outside of the box. Writing for Wonder is pushing me to be a better writer.

My son met a milestone this month and finished his first year of preschool! I am such a proud momma! He has also been trying to speak more and is using signs more frequently. I couldn’t be happier 🙂

So all in all, May has been a good month for me. I am ready for June and excited to see what I can get done! Thinking June might be a learning month for me. Going to spend it researching and exploring; learning as much as I possibly can.

So, tell me how your month went? What are some goals that you have for June?

Until next time,

Peace and Positive vibes!

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