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5 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids 5 and Under!

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June marks the beginning of summer for most. The kids are out of school, the smell of barbecue is in the air, and there are more hours of day light.

June also marks the beginning of my Summer Fun Series!

I’ll be sharing some fun things my family is doing this summer as well as some ideas, and MORE! So stay tuned!

Why is play important?

Play stimulates growth and development, communication, and social skills. Children learn through play. 90% of a child’s brain develops by age 5

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Play also stimulates the senses. Incorporate different textures, sounds, and colors by using a number of things such as Play-do, beans, rice, paints, chalk, and more!

Play teaches children how things work. For example, my son has learned about various kitchen appliances from his playtime with toy kitchenettes.

Through play kids about the world around them. Playing outdoors gives kids plenty opportunities to learn about nature and many other cool things.

5 Activities for Kids 5 and Under

  • Nature walks. Since my son has been a baby he’s always enjoyed going for walks through garden parks or nature trails. This is not only a great way to wear the kids out, but it also put them in nature and gives them a chance to explore and learn about various plant life.
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  • Little Passports. Little Passports creates products designed to inspire children to learn about the world through monthly subscriptions, educational toys and characters kids love. Encourage their curiosity! This is a great way to teach children about the world around them from your very own home! Right now, get 50% off your first month! Code: SUNNY!
Little Passports
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt. Going for a nature walk or even to the park are great opportunities for a nature scavenger hunt. This is a fun way to teach kids about nature while promoting problem solving skills!
  • Water Sensory Play. Grab a tote, fill it up with water and the possibilities are endless. One way you can use this tote is as a ‘car wash’. Take your kids toy cars and let them give them a wash! This is also cleaning there toys so win win for mom! Another idea would be to take farm animal figurines and give them ‘baths’. On hot days they can use the water to cool off. Don’t want to use water? Fill up the tote or bin with rice or beans for a different sensory stimulation.
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  • DIY toys. Making toys with your kids can be a super fun activity. It teaches them how to put things together, how and why they work, as well as strategy skills. One fun toy to make during the summer time are kites! They are inexpensive and easy to make, use any material you wish but, if you want to keep it simple, grab some yarn, paper, scissors, crayons and tape! For all of my wine drinking mommas out there here is a DIY boat you can make using left over corks!

For obvious reasons, I decided to opt out of putting things like going to the park or zoo on the list as I thought those were pretty obvious choices. All of these activities have been tested by my three year old and get the stamp of approval :)!

I’m interested in knowing what you do with your little ones during the summer time! What has worked for you and what hasn’t!

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Until next time loves!

Peace and Positive Vibes!

4 thoughts on “5 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids 5 and Under!”

  1. I also love going for Nature Walks with my littles, and Nature Scavenger Hunts as well! We have never tried making toys, but that will definitely be on our list this year! Great ideas!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Going out for walks and hide and seek was always great fun when I was a kid! My granny and Granda always used to make us toys to play with, rather than buying them. It’s lovely to be reminded of.

    Liked by 1 person

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