About Me

Hello, Welcome to the site!

Thank you for coming by. My name is Samantha. I am a single mother, writer, and entrepreneur.I live in the midwest, where I currently work in hospitality. Cooking and writing are two of my passions.

I love being a mother. I have a wonderful three- year- old son, whom is my entire world. He is my ‘why’. Although I’ve gone down the entrepreneurial journey in the past, prior to my son being born, I didn’t have a strong enough motivation or reason to drive my efforts.

I started decided to start this blog because I wanted to help people redefine success. By redefinition I mean two things: success is what you define it to be, not anyone else and that although the path to success is filled with hard work, a healthy life and mind are the keys to achieving it!

I believe that anyone can achieve success. I myself have been through a lot and have experienced a lot of pain and trauma, however, I have worked very hard and have come far. Through faith and work I am a much better person for it today, which is why I want to try and help others achieve success in their lives as well.