The Feeling of Overly Under Performing..

Ironic I know. I'm full of contradictions. But that is genuinely the best way to describe how I am feeling. The anxiety in me says "GO GO GO"! The depression says "it's not enough, you're not enough, just quit..". It's a roller coaster ride that I wish would just end already. I know many of… Continue reading The Feeling of Overly Under Performing..

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Being Yourself

Be yourself, it's a phrase that we all have heard a million times if not more. But, lets face it, being ones true self has always been a challenge. Now with the influence of social media; going viral, Instagram models, seeking likes and comments, etc. it seems virtually impossible (hehe). There are always going to… Continue reading Being Yourself

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When in doubt.. administer self love.

Often times doubt can creep into our lives like rain through a leaky roof. What may start out as a few drips, can turn into a major leak and severe damage if left unchecked. Doubt can start out small, but over time, can turn into a huge, consuming fear that overcomes us completely, stopping us… Continue reading When in doubt.. administer self love.